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My name is Sabrina Smeraldini, I live in Tuscany in a small village by the Mediterranean sea called Marina di Pisa.

I’d like to take you on a “virtual journey” to discover the Mediterranean way of living, the outdoor life in the sunny, green hills of Tuscany.

You have to know that my Grandma and I live in a typical Italian villa, she starts cooking early in the morning and almost never stops until sunset.

My Grandma loves cooking for the family and for friends gatherings which  take place very often at our house. She uses genuine and traditional fresh ingredients, some of them are from her garden.

I’ve had a chance to travel a lot and I lived in the United States for a while. Living abroad I’ve noticed that Italian cuisine is really appreciated.

Since creating different recipes with fresh ingredients is my passion I’ve decided to start my Italian Style Recipe to spread Italian traditional cooking and lifestyle. Italy has many different regions and each one has its typical recipes and foods.

I travel a lot to take part in various food and wine events around the country and every time I find different ways of using fresh ingredients and I’ve learned that there is always something new in the variety of the Mediterranean way of eating.

On my site here, I also like to talk a little about the benefits of fresh Italian foods and the various way of cooking a particular ingredient that I choose each time.

Italian Style Recipe is where I’d like to share with you my family’s traditional recipes. Usually my recipes are from my Grandma, she taught me how to cook and she inspired me on my Mediterranean cooking experience.

So this is where Grandma and I started our “Italian Cooking Journey”:

Keep reading and following the blog posts and you’ll find lots of fun stories and easy Italian recipes like pasta recipes, lasagna, vegetable and chicken recipes, risotto and much more.

If you want to have the feeling of being surrounded by the genuine  fresh and sunny Italian country and  Mediterranean maquis, if you want to discover traditional and easy ways of cooking Italian food than join us on our italyanstilerecipe.net

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