Health benefits of honey [and two recipes]

Besides the health benefits of honey, don’t you think that there is something magical about eating and cooking with a liquid gold, sweet ingredient which comes from bees and flowers?

In an era where food has become more refined and industrialized and has lost its more natural state, people are eating enormous quantity of different foods but they are not actually giving fuel and nutritional substances to their bodies.

Food should provide minerals and vitamins necessary for the body to function at its full and best potential, many packaged foods however are merely “empty calories” and refined sugar.

Refined sugar can be easily replaced with other more nutritional ingredients such as: Stevia, good quality organic maple syrup and honey. The health benefits of honey are far greater than many artificial sweeteners. Besides there is a variety of qualities available: one for any individual taste.

You can choose among many different kind: personally I like lavender honey but also citrus fruits honey and chestnut honey. Other kinds of honey that I find delicious and beneficial are: lime, rosemary and dandelion.

I want you to know that in Italy, where I live, there are a set of plants and herbs which together form what is known as the Mediterranean Maquis. Some of these herbs are: thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, myrtle, juniper, olive trees and many others. But also fragrant herbs like oregano and basil which have lots of health benefits.

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Basil health benefits. Do you know Pesto?

Today I want to talk to you about Basil health benefits but first you have to know what this is all about. Basil is a plant and a very popular ingredient of the Italian Cuisine and one of the most used Mediterranean foods.

  • Basil in your recipes…

Basil is the King of Italian Pesto it is in fact the main ingredient of Pesto Sauce
(together with pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and Pecorino cheese).

But what is Pesto?

Pesto is a sauce used on pasta.
This sauce it’s part of the traditional Mediterranean foods and it has its origin from the region Liguria
(the Italian Riviera where famous and very chic places are found like Cinque Terre, Portofino, Camogli and other cute little villages by the Mediterranean Sea).

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