Prosecco Sparkling Italian Wine

Prosecco is an Italian white wine typical of the region Veneto which is located on the northern east side of the country. Veneto is the region of charming places like Venice and Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet). Actually the name Prosecco comes from a small town in that area.

Basically there are three types of Prosecco: tranquillo, spumante, frizzante, depending on the production process. Tranquillo means still, spumante means sparkling and frizzante means bubbly. While tranquillo is characterized by a fruity scent, spumante and frizzante are actually sparkling white wines.

If you are thinking Prosecco vs. Champagne just consider that Prosecco is the most exported Italian wine and in 2014 – for the first time – it overtook Champagne.

The color of Prosecco wine should be light yellow, the taste subtle and delicate. For these characteristics Prosecco can be consumed while dining.

Prosecco can also be a good choice for many other occasions. In Italy a glass (or two 🙂 ) of Prosecco is considered a perfect drink for an Happy Hour gathering and like many other white wines, Prosecco combines really well with typical sea food recipes.

Grandma and I really enjoy inviting friends over, especially on a late Saturday afternoon, to have appetizers together and very often she chooses to serve Prosecco.

These gatherings are particularly nice in the summer time when around 7.00 p.m. everybody comes from a day spent at the beach to Grandma’s garden.

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Barolo wine [two special recipes]

  • Barolo wine some origins

 Do you like Italian wine? Do you like Italian red wine? Then you probably like Barolo wine.

The name of Barolo wine comes from its town of origin: Barolo which is located in the Piedmont region (northern Italy) but more specifically in an area called Langhe.

Langhe is a notorious area because it’s the land of different fine Italian wines and precious truffles as well.

Actually if you like delicious and tasty Italian foods, this is a place you don’t want to miss on your next trip to Italy. In fact almost every weekend there is some kind of food and wine event in the Langhe area. You can experience Barolo wine tasting and other exquisite Italian wines, cheeses and typical products.

It’s very common for tourists and foreign visitors to look up for food and wine events – which are held very often here – and book a couple of nights in the so called Agritourism. These are places, usually plunged in the beautiful nature surrounding the small rural villages, where there are few rooms for the guests and a restaurant which usually serves typical products and traditional homemade recipes.

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