Easy appetizers recipes [Try these!]

Here is a short story about easy appetizers recipes…Once upon a time small savory appetizers were served right before each meal in order to arouse appetite (appetite–>appetizers). These were usually small canapé and they could be hot or cold, fried or baked and generally served with a glass of delicious wine.

These easy appetizers recipes were a way to “break the ice” among guests during formal and glamorous dinner gatherings.

Just picture a huge dining room with Murano Glass Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, beautiful silk rugs on the floor, paintings on the walls and marble surfaces everywhere in proper Italian Style…

Before serving the main courses usually easy appetizers recipes were served…and sometimes not so easy but surely tasty and savory.

Nowadays, and in certain occasions, appetizers can even substitute lunch. They are very popular to serve as caterings or as easy appetizers recipes for parties. They are actually informal and if you arrange the room properly people and guests will comfortably walk around, holding their glass of wine, choosing their appetizers while talking and socializing with the other guests at the party or social event.

If you want to get back to formal occasions you can then prepare some easy appetizers recipes for Christmas, or any other holiday. You can make easy appetizers for Thanksgiving or Easter. If this is the case then again our appetizers will take on the role of “ice breakers” or will be enjoyed by your guests and arouse their appetite!

Make sure you serve them with some delicious Italian wine, red or white, depending on the ingredients you choose to make your easy appetizers recipes.

I’ll share with you some of my favorites in just a little bit!

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Appetizers for party [Grandma’s Party!]

The other day Grandma and I organized a little friends gathering and decided to make some appetizers for party to serve to our guests.

Maybe you’ve already heard that Grandma loves to have people over she enjoys playing card games, cooking good food and likes to have company. I don’t know how she does it but somehow she can always come up with appetizers ideas for cocktail party.

Do you like appetizers?

I love them. I mean, have you ever thought about how versatile they are?

In Italy easy appetizers like cold canapés for example are served as appetizers for party and for the “Happy Hour”. To experience the “Happy Hour” – the real Italian way – you have to be in a local café around 7.00 p.m.

They will serve you a glass of wine, some olives, a selection of cold cuts (like ham, salami, prosciutto), probably some squared cut Italian cheese  and all sorts of other cold appetizers.

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