Basic Lasagna Rolls Rules

In today’s article I’d like to talk to you about lasagna rolls. Grandma and I love lasagna, we enjoy making lasagna usually on Sunday for our family gatherings.

Sometimes though we opt for lasagna rolls and what I love about them is that you can really satisfy everybody’s taste with lasagna rolls because you can choose to make different versions like lasagna rolls with zucchini, lasagna rolls spinach, classic lasagna with tomato sauce and minced meat.

According to the taste of your guests and family you can choose vegetarian or other lasagna rolls recipe.

Lasagna rolls is a typical Italian dish and even though its traditions are found in the two regions of Umbria and Tuscany is now widespread throughout the whole country from north to south.

Traditionally it’s made for special occasions like holydays and family gatherings.

If you’d like to prepare lasagna rolls recipe easy all you need is lasagna pasta, béchamel sauce and then you can vary among different ingredients. My Grandma says that lasagna rolls with béchamel sauce is a real family traditional comforting food.

We prefer to make homemade béchamel sauce here is Grandma’s special recipe for you to make a delicious béchamel sauce to use for your lasagna and lasagna rolls recipe.

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Homemade lasagna [and a green version]

Today we’ll talk about lasagna and more specifically on how to make a delicious and yet easy homemade lasagna.

I think lasagna should be considered as an Italian Icon. Dont’you agree?

Lasagna is a different kind of pasta. What makes it different is that unlike other pasta dough recipes this one has eggs in it.

There are other kind of pasta – besides lasagna – made with the same dough like tagliatelle for example or cannelloni.

Sometimes this pasta dough – with eggs in it – is combined with spinach. This is why homemade spinach lasagna are so popular. But you could also find spinach tagliatelle and I’m telling you they are delicious!

Tagliatelle are like long flat spaghetti and the dough is supposed to be really thin. Lasagna is made with the same dough but shaped in thin large rectangular.

Like all other Italian recipes there is a region where everything started…Lasagna, tagliatelle, cannelloni and all different sorts of egg dough pasta come from Emilia Romagna. If you really love homemade lasagna, and all this typical pastas you should visit Bologna one day.

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