Best Biscotti recipe [Nutella involved]

Even though almond biscotti are some of my favorite biscotti cookies ever, there is another biscotti recipe I’d like to talk to you about today.

Actually not only one Italian biscotti recipe but I’d like to share many (4 recipes)!

I love Italian biscotti, in fact I love all biscotti cookies, even though biscotti in Italian already means cookies so saying biscotti cookies, to me, it’s like saying cookies cookies 🙂

I will tell you my “philosophy” on Italian biscotti in this brief “auto-interview” which is to the point and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

  • Italian biscotti “auto-interview”

Why do I consider biscotti recipe like Italian desserts?

<<Because I love to eat a couple of Italian biscotti after lunch or after dinner with my coffee, just like I would do for any other kind of desserts>>.

Why do I love biscotti cookies so much?

<<Because I love baking them with my Grandma, it’s fun and bonding, the whole house smells like cookies which I find so welcoming and heart warming>>.

When do I prefer to eat biscotti?

<<So, as I said, I consider Italian biscotti, or biscotti cookies however you’d like to call them, like Italian desserts to eat after a meal. But I mostly enjoy them with tea and coffee either as a morning or afternoon snack.

Grandma and I bake biscotti cookies when we have family gatherings, or friends and neighbors over at our house.

Believe it or not, just like you would imagine an Italian Grandma, my Italian Grandma, from Tuscany, eats biscotti with caffellatte (warm milk and coffee) at night before she goes to bed>>.

Which is my  favorite ingredient to make biscotti recipe?

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Italian pastries made easy

Making Italian pastries at home is not an easy process. It requires time, skill and patience. Italian puff pastry though it’s a perfect base to make a variety of Italian desserts.

You can combine Italian pastries with ricotta cheese to make traditional Cannoli from Sicily for example. Or you can combine your puff pastry with custard and other ingredients to make all sorts of tarts and cakes.

One of my favorite Italian desserts of all time is Sfogliatelle. These are small, crispy and fragrant Italian pastries originally from Naples in Southern Italy. You can find Sfogliatelle filled with any sorts of cream: custard cream, hazelnuts cream, pistachios cream. They are delicious and usually coated with icing sugar.

My Italian Grandma loves to use puff pastry to make apple tarts. She has two versions of her special apple tarts recipe: one is made with shortcrust pastry and the other with puff pastry. I can tell you that they are both delicious, besides she uses pine nuts, raisin and almonds which are ingredients that I love. Not only that she also has her secret custard cream recipe that really makes the difference in the taste of her very special and mouth-watering apple tarts.*

When you have puff pastry there really is no limits to what you can create. You can make Italian pastries of any kind including Sfogliatelle and Cannoli or you can combine your puff pastry with your favorite choice of fruits and berries or with all sorts of jams.

But there is however an easier recipe to make puff pastry and here is one that I’d like to suggest you so that you can have puff pastry available and then start creating some of the most delicious Italian pastries recipes.

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