Mozzarella cheese [mouth-watering recipes]

What is actually the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think of Mozzarella cheese?

To me it’s Pizza. Even though there are limitless Mozzarella cheese recipes the first thing I think of is Pizza. Probably because I love Pizza and just the thought of a warm and fragrant Italian Pizza with stringy Mozzarella cheese on top makes my mouth water.

First there is a difference we have to consider when we talk about Italian cheese.

Some cheeses are aged, or need to age like Parmesan Cheese for example. Other cheeses are half aged like some kind of Pecorino cheese. And then there are cheeses like Mozzarella cheese that are fresh and they don’t last long. Other fresh cheeses are: Stracchino cheese, Ricotta cheese, Burrata cheese just to mention a few.

The Mozzarella cheese production is a very interesting thing: to make fresh Mozzarella cheese the curd needs to be kneaded with the hands.

But you have to know that not all Mozzarella cheese is created equal. In fact one of the most appreciated type is the Buffalo Mozzarella cheese which is made from a different quality of milk and it is actually juicer that the most common Mozzarella cheese made of cow’s milk.

There are also different shapes: you can find the classic shape of Mozzarella Cheese which is rounded and medium sized, or you can find one that is twisted or even fresh Mozzarella balls.

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Fontina Cheese from Aosta Valley

  • Ok so Aosta Valley? Tell me about it…

All right, Grandma will say that the best, most refined and delicious cheeses are from Tuscany… Ok but Fontina Cheese is really something you want to try especially if you are a cheese lover and more specifically an Italian Cheese Lover!

The history of Fontina Cheese is long and ancient. Actually in 1200 the shepherds of the Aosta Valley already consumed this cheese of the mountains.

The fresh and fragrant pastures of the mountains in the Aosta Valley, where native breed of cows graze, is what makes this cheese so special. The milk from these cows is what makes Fontina Cheese such a gourmet cheese of this region.

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