Italian sausage soup: a special version from Tuscany

Italian sausage soup is a real simple yet delicious meal to prepare for a winter evening and family gatherings.

As for any other kind of soup Italian sausage soup has different variations. You can try cooking Italian sausage following different recipes according to your taste or according to seasonal products.

One thing that my Italian Grandma always does is adding some Mediterranean herbs and spices to the soup to give it a more interesting taste. Some people like to eat their soup with vegetables chunks and pieces of sausage other people like to blend everything and make it a creamy soup and then add sausage afterwards.

I find that the best part of Italian sausage soup is the crispy and fragrant croutons. Traditionally, to make croutons, we use Tuscan bread which has less salt. We simply bake it in preheated oven at about 425°F. for 8/10 minutes then add salt and extra virgin olive oil drizzle to it.

Tuscan bread is perfect to make croutons for Italian sausage soup because the sausage is already very tasty so the fact that it has less salt makes it lighter.

The first Italian sausage soup I’d like to share with you here is:

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Italian meatball recipe [without the meat]

Italian meatball recipe is a real classic and delicious dish that you’ll find in each and every region of Italy. Of course depending on the area of the country you’ll find different versions according to the local traditions.

I recently spent a few days in what I consider one of the nicest regions of Italy: Veneto. Is such a wonderful place filled with art, typical Villas which are known as Ville Palladiane (from the architect Andrea Palladio who lived in the 16th century). Veneto is the region of nice cities like Venice, on the lagoon, Verona, known for the Arena where you would go if you wish to attend to an Italian Opera show.

Ville Palladiane are more concentrated around the area of Vicenza. These villas are really majestic in fact they were originally built for the aristocrats. Many architects around the world took inspiration from these villas to accomplish their projects. What I find charming about these villas is the concept upon which they were built. The architect Palladio considered these villas not only as a property but more of a cultural retreat, a place of relief and comfort where you could find peace after a busy day in the city.

Anyways if you ever come to northern Italy, besides Venice, I suggest you to visit some of these Villas.

But you might ask: what does all of this have to do with Italian meatball recipe?

Ok. So, as I mentioned I was in Veneto and I’ve tried a different recipe for meatballs which actually should be called eggplant-ball recipe because the main ingredient was eggplants.

This Italian meatball recipe was so good that I had to ask how it is made and I’ll share it with you right here.

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Italian sausage recipe [as dessert?]

So you probably want to know all about Italian sausage recipe right?

The thing about cooking Italian sausage is that it can be so different from one region to the other but not only. One characteristic that distinguishes different types of Italian sausage is the kind of meat that you can find in the sausage itself. That’s right. Not every sausage is made equally!

The Italian sausage recipe is very ancient and the origins are uncertain. Some say it’s from northern Italy and the region Veneto (where Venice is) some other say it’s from southern region Basilicata. But there is one thing that everybody agrees on and it’s the fact that the first Italian sausage was made with pork meat.

Some Italian sausage recipes are spicier than others. One very common thing is to find Italian sausage with fennel seeds which I personally find pretty good actually because the taste of the fennel lessens the greasy taste of pork meat.

Italian sausage recipes vary from place to place and besides the meat and the use of spices like nutmeg, black pepper, fennel seeds or coriander they can also be different in length and width.

One Italian sausage recipe that my Grandma really likes and it’s also very popular is Italian sausage and peppers. Usually she prefers cooking Italian sausage with green peppers.

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Meatball recipe: all Italian classic

So you want to know about Grandma’s all Italian meatball recipe?

This is a real classic of Italy’s culinary tradition and everyone has its own version of it or even its own family meatball recipe.

There a various meatball recipes: some people like meatballs with tomato sauce, some like to cook white sauce meatball recipe, some prefer the baked meatball recipe.

In southern Italy there is a very easy meatball recipe. I say easy because it’s really just rolled minced meat that they add to Spaghetti tomato sauce and it’s delicious. In northern Italy Ragù – which is a tomato sauce with minced meat in it – is more common that tomato sauce with meatballs on Spaghetti.

If you ever come to Italy you’ll be surprised of how many different version of meatball recipe you can find.

Some places and restaurants serve very tiny and small meatballs while in some other places they serve bigger Italian meatballs.

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